Terms and Conditions

There’s some kind of negative connotation that comes with the word “diet.” For some, it entails a lot of hard word and sacrifice. For some, it’s all about deprivation and starvation. There’s just nothing positive about the word “diet.” I want to change that connotation with my website. Gg-dd.com is all about making healthy choices when you need to diet.

But before you explore my website, I highly recommend you go over my terms and conditions. You agree that each time you access gg-dd.com, you are to comply with my terms and conditions stated here.

Bashers Are Not Allowed Here

I will help you every way that I can. But if your intention is to bash here on my website, take your intention somewhere else. Bashers are not allowed here.

I am keen in showing you how dieting can be fun and doable. If you don’t agree with me, leave my website immediately. Foul and discriminating comments and messages are not allowed here. Needless to say, they will never be allowed here.

Do Your Research

I recommend that you do your own research to verify my facts on delicious dieting. Although I am confident with my own research and findings, you need to do your own research for your piece of mind.

You also agree to seek professional advice before endeavoring to try any of the delicious diets featured here. It is your responsibility to determine which diet can work well for you.

Sharing Of Content

My website’s content is for your own personal use only. If you intent to share it with friends and family online, you need my permission first. Gg-dd.com owns all the published articles. Sharing or posting any of my articles online requires permission from me first.

On the other hand, if you find that I have used a photo or a piece of information that belongs to someone else, please notify me immediately. I will rectify the situation right away.

I will be posting updates to my terms and conditions here. As a regular visitor of my website you should be aware of all my updates.

I am more than thrilled to share with you all the delicious diets I have tried and tested. You and I can finally make dieting fun and exciting.

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