Privacy Policy is dedicated to make your weight loss fun and exciting. You can actually brighten up your diet by making smart choices. It really isn’t hard to choose delicious diets. The aftermath of which is healthy weight loss.

This website can help you choose the right diet. I feature delicious diets here. My website finally puts a positive meaning to the word “diet.” So feel free to visit me regularly for you to get to know all the many delicious diets out there.

I Value Your Privacy

As a regular visitor, I can assure you that none of your private information is released or shared with any third party entity. My policy on privacy shows you how your private information is preserved here on my website.

Knowing how valuable your private information, I really do not collect any of it here. But when I do collect something personal about you, I DO NOT share it with anyone or any third party entity.

How I Protect Your Email Address

The piece of personal information collected from you here is your email address. This happens when you use my Contact Form. You are required to share your email address with me on the Contact Form.

Unless I have to communicate back to you, I won’t use your email address at all. I preserve it by keeping it here and by NOT releasing it at all.

Posting A Comment

My website is open to all your comments as well. As long as you comply with my terms and conditions in posting comments, I will welcome them here.

However, I am also able to gather another piece of personal information on the comment field. Aside from your email address, I am able to see the internet network that you are using. I am referring to your IP address here. With that, I am able to see where you are coming from. This plays a big role on how I analyze the traffic of my website. But for the sake of your privacy, that is the only thing I do with your IP address.

This is how I preserve your personal information here. I guarantee you that your privacy will never be compromised here.

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