Diet For Two: A Couple’s Safe Weight Loss Journey

diet-to-go-weight-loss-mealI met my husband, Jim, in a gym many years ago. We were both lean and fit; voted the healthiest couple by our gym mates. Many admired our buffed bodies. Unfortunately when we got married, we let go of our healthy habits.

As newlyweds,  we enjoyed our regular night outs which included a lot of eating. We tried out new restaurants and enjoyed all kinds of dishes.Thinking we could forever be fit, we became careless with our eating habits.

Our gym workouts lessened. As an unfortunate result, we both gained so much weight. Somehow, we could not stop eating. We became eating buddies; eating almost anything we fancied.

One night, Jim complained about his back. He was in pain and he could not sleep the whole night. The next morning, we visited our family doctor.  Seeing how much we had gained weight, he quickly told us that it was time we both lost some weight. He knew how fit we were before and thought it was best to get back to shape before we suffered the consequences of being overweight.  According to him, our sudden weight gain was not good for our bodies.

I realized that our doctor was right. I had to convince Jim that we both had to get back to being fit. We had to go back to the gym and we both had to eat better. It was good bye restaurant food. We had to be careful with our food intake. We were older and we both had to take it easy.

So when we got home, I decided to learn more about weight loss home delivery meals.  I searched the internet for several weight loss companies offering different diet meals that can  be delivered to our door step. I knew this was the first step for me and Jim to get back to shape.

Convincing Jim to get back to shape was not that hard. The weight loss meals delivered ( to our home  were not bad at all. They tasted so good that we felt like we were eating out as well. On the first two weeks, we both had lost about 10 pounds combined. Soon as we saw the great results, we raced quickly to the gym to resume our workouts.

The weight loss meals really got us back to our healthy lifestyle. What was good was that we did not feel like we had to give up anything; we adjusted to the program right away.  After losing all the weight, we did not have a hard time maintaining our fit bodies. We knew we could rely on the weight loss diets to help us stay in shape. Finally, Jim and I committed to stay healthier.