A Good Diet Starts In The Morning

healthy-oatmealGood morning, oatmeal! That’s the first thing I say when I get to my kitchen. But it wasn’t long ago when I used to start my mornings with bread, butter, eggs, and bacon. Now that I’m a lot older and hopefully a lot wiser as well, I have shifted to a much healthier choice which is oatmeal.

My Super Breakfast

It has been researched over the years that it’s best to start the mornings with a cup of oatmeal. The health benefits of oatmeal is immense.

“Oatmeal in this day in time is considered by the American Heart Association one of the best ways to lower the risk factor of cardio vascular disease.”

Dr. Milady Murphy of Shelton State Health and Wellness Center adds this:

“It actually is very powerful. It’s cited by the American Heart Association, American Dietetic Association as being one of the most powerful superfoods in functionality to lower blood pressure, to lower cholesterol, the bad cholesterol, to regulate blood sugar, and to help someone with obesity …”

As much as oatmeal is considered as a super food, it’s also considered as “functional food”. This means that:

“… immediately after you consume it, it has all these … healthy blood sugar regulating benefits …”

Knowing that the healthy benefits of oatmeal take in effective almost immediately gives me an all-the-more reason to eat it.

Builds Up The Immune System

Part of the immensity of the benefits of oatmeal is the fact that it helps build up the immune system.

“Recent literature has also shown that it also builds up the immune system and may protect against certain cancers like breast cancer for women and prostate cancer for men.”

And the healthy benefits just doesn’t stop.

“It contains antioxidants as well. So it has these benefits when you consume it consistently, whether it’s breakfast or for dinner … it doesn’t matter. It just has these super food type of benefits in the prevention of certain diseases.”

Oatmeal Is For Everybody

I remember growing up and eating sorts of cereals. I loved corn flakes, most especially the frosted ones. Then the flavored Quaker Oats came out and my mom made me eat that all the time. First of all it was quite easy to make it. It was just a matter of adding hot water. But that brought me to my saturation point of eating oats so when I started to live on my own, I went from bacon to eggs to breads to even cold pizzas. But now, I’m back to my good old oatmeal. I integrate my oatmeal breakfast with my diet delivery meal program.

It wasn’t really hard to go back to eating oatmeal because I had gotten so used to it when I was growing up. So I recommend that kids start eating oatmeal at an early age. They can skimp on their sugar-coated cereals and eat oatmeal instead. After all, oatmeal is good for everybody.

Go For The Real Oatmeal

But don’t get fooled with all the oatmeal products in the grocery store. Go for the “real oatmeal”. This is the kind of oatmeal that’s cooked in 20 minutes or so. The quick ones have been processed too much and have all been stripped from their super powers.

“The more processed oatmeal doesn’t have the powerful benefits as the non-processed oatmeal …”

With all the benefits of eating oatmeal, I know for sure that I start my mornings right.