A Good Diet Starts In The Morning

healthy-oatmealGood morning, oatmeal! That’s the first thing I say when I get to my kitchen. But it wasn’t long ago when I used to start my mornings with bread, butter, eggs, and bacon. Now that I’m a lot older and hopefully a lot wiser as well, I have shifted to a much healthier choice which is oatmeal.

My Super Breakfast

It has been researched over the years that it’s best to start the mornings with a cup of oatmeal. The health benefits of oatmeal is immense.

“Oatmeal in this day in time is considered by the American Heart Association one of the best ways to lower the risk factor of cardio vascular disease.”

Dr. Milady Murphy of Shelton State Health and Wellness Center adds this:

“It actually is very powerful. It’s cited by the American Heart Association, American Dietetic Association as being one of the most powerful superfoods in functionality to lower blood pressure, to lower cholesterol, the bad cholesterol, to regulate blood sugar, and to help someone with obesity …”

As much as oatmeal is considered as a super food, it’s also considered as “functional food”. This means that:

“… immediately after you consume it, it has all these … healthy blood sugar regulating benefits …”

Knowing that the healthy benefits of oatmeal take in effective almost immediately gives me an all-the-more reason to eat it.

Builds Up The Immune System

Part of the immensity of the benefits of oatmeal is the fact that it helps build up the immune system.

“Recent literature has also shown that it also builds up the immune system and may protect against certain cancers like breast cancer for women and prostate cancer for men.”

And the healthy benefits just doesn’t stop.

“It contains antioxidants as well. So it has these benefits when you consume it consistently, whether it’s breakfast or for dinner … it doesn’t matter. It just has these super food type of benefits in the prevention of certain diseases.”

Oatmeal Is For Everybody

I remember growing up and eating sorts of cereals. I loved corn flakes, most especially the frosted ones. Then the flavored Quaker Oats came out and my mom made me eat that all the time. First of all it was quite easy to make it. It was just a matter of adding hot water. But that brought me to my saturation point of eating oats so when I started to live on my own, I went from bacon to eggs to breads to even cold pizzas. But now, I’m back to my good old oatmeal. I integrate my oatmeal breakfast with my diet delivery meal program.

It wasn’t really hard to go back to eating oatmeal because I had gotten so used to it when I was growing up. So I recommend that kids start eating oatmeal at an early age. They can skimp on their sugar-coated cereals and eat oatmeal instead. After all, oatmeal is good for everybody.

Go For The Real Oatmeal

But don’t get fooled with all the oatmeal products in the grocery store. Go for the “real oatmeal”. This is the kind of oatmeal that’s cooked in 20 minutes or so. The quick ones have been processed too much and have all been stripped from their super powers.

“The more processed oatmeal doesn’t have the powerful benefits as the non-processed oatmeal …”

With all the benefits of eating oatmeal, I know for sure that I start my mornings right.


Lose Weight With Medifast and Healthy Snacks

medifast-diet-healthy-snacksWho says it’s not possible to snack while on a diet? Well, that’s not the case now. As a matter of fact, one of the best ways to spice up a weight loss journey is to snack. It has been proven that snacking is a good way to speed up the metabolism. A speedy metabolism can really burn a lot of calories. This is why a lot of weight loss programs encourage snacking.

Snacking On The Right Kind Of Foods

The key to snacking well is eating the right kind of foods. Snacking on the right kind of food leads to a faster, a safer, and a more doable weight loss.

“For me, I like to snack and that’s one of my weaknesses so if I have something healthy that’s fulfilling, nutritious; it will be much easier to lose weight.”

Yummy Cherry Tomatoes

According to the folks at 52sl.net weight loss site, tomatoes are loaded with health benefits. Aside from containing vitamins A, C, K, folate, and potassium; they are low in calories, saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium.

“They’re really sweet and they’re really satisfying and they have virtually no calories.”

Cherry tomatoes are also very easy to take anywhere. Instead of snacking on grapes which has a lot of calories, why not go for cherry tomatoes?

Sweet Snap Peas

This is a one sweet and crunchy snack that is good for the body.

“Another veggie that’s really good to snack on is snap peas … They’re really crunchy . You know how you crave chips and you want something really crunchy and sweet? These satisfy that for me because they are so crunchy. It’s almost like eating chips and they’re sweet and it kinda satisfies that need to crunch on something.”

This is definitely a healthier alternative to chips.

Don’t Forget The Crunchy Almonds

According to some of the reviews on Medifast diet plan, almonds are one of the best ways to snack. Aside from being delicious, almonds are also packed with a lot of nutritional benefits.

“These are really crunchy and satisfying … Don’t get the ones that have sugar on them because you wanna avoid sugar … but they have like a garlicy flavor to them but they’re really really yummy and I’ll just put these in little snack bags, take them with me on the go …”

I agree that these are yummy on-the-go snacks.

Apples With What?

Here’s another mind blowing snack. It’s also delicious but it’s surprisingly good as a weight loss snack. This snack consists of apples and peanut butter. Just make sure to stick to the regular peanut butter. The “reduced fat” peanut butter has more sugar and that’s not good.

“I just put a tablespoon of peanut butter. I cut one a green apple, dip it in and it’s really a satisfying snack …”

Cottage Cheese With Fruits

I love cottage cheese. Aside from eating it with fruits, I also eat use it with brown bread.

Forget White, Go For Brown Sugar

Seems like everything that’s brown is good for the body. Brown rice, brown bread, and even brown sugar.

Wholesome Hummus And Others

This is a great and yummy dip for veggie snacks like carrots and celery sticks.

The other great foods for snacking are protein bars (just make sure to check the sugar content), low fat mozzarella cheese, and toasted garbanzo beans.

Medifast provides a lot of healthy meals and snacks that you can combine with some of the great healthy food stuff that we have mentioned above. In fact, a lot of nutritionist suggest to combine Medifast meals with other healthy snacks in order to have a healthier weight loss plan. Before you decide to get Medifast, make sure that you get hold of a deal so that you can get savings with a Medifast coupon. These Medifast discount coupons and deals are truly a great way to save money and start your journey to lose weight and get healthy.

So who says snacking is bad? Well with all the right kind of foods available, snacking might as well be considered an important meal of the day. There’s really no need to stop snacking.


Diet For Two: A Couple’s Safe Weight Loss Journey

diet-to-go-weight-loss-mealI met my husband, Jim, in a gym many years ago. We were both lean and fit; voted the healthiest couple by our gym mates. Many admired our buffed bodies. Unfortunately when we got married, we let go of our healthy habits.

As newlyweds,  we enjoyed our regular night outs which included a lot of eating. We tried out new restaurants and enjoyed all kinds of dishes.Thinking we could forever be fit, we became careless with our eating habits.

Our gym workouts lessened. As an unfortunate result, we both gained so much weight. Somehow, we could not stop eating. We became eating buddies; eating almost anything we fancied.

One night, Jim complained about his back. He was in pain and he could not sleep the whole night. The next morning, we visited our family doctor.  Seeing how much we had gained weight, he quickly told us that it was time we both lost some weight. He knew how fit we were before and thought it was best to get back to shape before we suffered the consequences of being overweight.  According to him, our sudden weight gain was not good for our bodies.

I realized that our doctor was right. I had to convince Jim that we both had to get back to being fit. We had to go back to the gym and we both had to eat better. It was good bye restaurant food. We had to be careful with our food intake. We were older and we both had to take it easy.

So when we got home, I decided to learn more about weight loss home delivery meals.  I searched the internet for several weight loss companies offering different diet meals that can  be delivered to our door step. I knew this was the first step for me and Jim to get back to shape.

Convincing Jim to get back to shape was not that hard. The weight loss meals delivered (www.savvywp.com/diet-to-go) to our home  were not bad at all. They tasted so good that we felt like we were eating out as well. On the first two weeks, we both had lost about 10 pounds combined. Soon as we saw the great results, we raced quickly to the gym to resume our workouts.

The weight loss meals really got us back to our healthy lifestyle. What was good was that we did not feel like we had to give up anything; we adjusted to the program right away.  After losing all the weight, we did not have a hard time maintaining our fit bodies. We knew we could rely on the weight loss diets to help us stay in shape. Finally, Jim and I committed to stay healthier.


Bistro MD: The Delicious Way To Diet

bistro-md-diet-planMuch has been said about diet delivery services. For most dieters, diet delivery services seem to be the most effective way to lose and maintain the weight.  There’s not much to do. Just stick to the whole menu and the weight loss happens.  Although of course, it takes some time. But nonetheless, it works.

One of the good things about the diet delivery services is that it promotes good eating habits. There’s just no room for you to cheat because of the wide array of food choices. These diet delivery services have made dieting deliciously doable.

How It Works

Most of the diet delivery services require some kind of membership sign up. While some sign ups are free, you would have to pay for the food you order. The whole diet system will only work if you stick to the whole menu plan, according to folks at www.savvywp.com.

So first thing you do is to sign up. Soon as you sign up, you order the food. There are a lot of options for you. You can order a menu plan for the whole week or even for the whole month.  There are various weight loss programs for you to avail of.

It’s important to note that not all diet delivery services are brought directly to your doorstep. Some just have drop off points. So you may opt for one that can directly deliver to your doorstep.

After placing an order, the meals are delivered. All you have to do is to take the food out of the box and store well. It’s guaranteed that every single meal has been pre-cooked already. The meals just need to be heated up in the microwave before eating.

The meals from the diet delivery services have already pre-portioned. Such is the reason why they are all effective for weight loss.

What Meals Can You Order?

While it has been proven that the pre-portioned meals are effective for weight loss, you can only wonder what kind of dishes are offered by these diet delivery services.

So for some of you that are curious about the pre-portioned dishes, here’s a sample list of some food items offered by Bistro MD (www.savvywp.com/bistro-md).

  • Snacks (Assortment of cookies and bars);
  • Sugar-free Lemon Cheese Cake;
  • Fresh Blueberry Cheese Cake;
  • Cinnamon Sweet Tango Pancakes;
  • Turkey Picadillo;
  • Pork Tenderloin In Asian Plum Sauce;
  • Chicken and Mushroom Crepe;
  • Roasted Norwegian Salmon;
  • Moroccan Inspired Chicken;
  • Turkey With Cranberry Quinoa;
  • Pork Tenderloin With Apricot And Mustard Sauce;
  • Stuffed French Toast;
  • Thai Peanut Chicken Breast;
  • Salmon With Pepper Coulis;
  • Chicken Marsala With Brussel Sprouts;
  • Berry Crepes; and
  • Many more.

These food items do not seem like diet food, but they are. Clearly, you can expect more than just weight loss from a diet delivery service.